Marriage is an important decision and so a wedding is not only about the details, but also about the vows you will make in front of God and the Congregation who meet for the service.

When you decide to get married in Church, make your commitment first rather than other details.  Firstly, contact the Minister.

Christian Marriage is about celebrating a commitment to live together faithfully, recognising that faith is important to who you are as individuals and as a couple. Marriage is part of God’s created order, given for all times and places.  Marriage is for the mutual love of husband and wife, and for the bearing and rearing of children and reflects the faith and discipleship of husband and wife.

Marriage is a celebration and a commitment to live together faithfully and to recognise that as you live together and share all the stresses and blessings of a home and a family, you commit to communicate and respect and value each other as each grows and changes and matures over the years. It is a commitment to grow together and be forgiving and loving and respectful and keep with it, in good and bad, in health and ill-health for the rest of your lives.

The Service

The Vows, Hymns, Lessons and Poems should be discussed with the Minister.

 Music You should discuss the choice of music with the Organist.  If you wish to use other musicians, please also discuss this with the Organist.  Please do this well in advance so that the Orders of Service can be organised in good time.

Flower Arrangements Please tell the Minister what you are planning, with details of the florist, so that we know when they will be arranged.  Pew Ends are not encouraged.

 Rehearsal This is normally organised with the Minister for the day before.

Confetti  No confetti is to be used unless it is biodegradable.

Notice of Marriage  About six weeks before the wedding date, you must give notice of your intention to marry to the local Registrar.  This is a necessary legal requirement.  Without the Schedule the marriage cannot take place.

Enjoy the Day!  And remember this is the first day of your married life together. Try not to worry too much about the preparations for the day.  The day is fun and enjoyable, but it is the time after the wedding, your married life, that is far more important.

The Wedding Day  The Bridegroom and Best Man come to the Vestry about 15 minutes before the service is due to begin.

The Bride will be on time and will be met by the Minister.  She then walks down the Aisle on the left arm of her father or supporter.  When the bride reaches the front of the Church, her father or supporter hands her over and sits in the front pew.  The wedding party sit on the chancel on seats facing the congregation.  The whole service takes place in the Church including the signing of the Schedule.  The Bride and Groom stand facing each other in the centre to make their vows.

Order of Service  Should be finalised with the Minister before printing.

The Questions you will be asked

…………………and……………..have you come here freely to give yourselves to each other in Christian marriage


The Vows (will be along the following lines)

Before God Before God and in the presence and in the presence of our families and friends, of our families and friends, I, A………, I, B………, declare my love declare my love for you, B……… for you, A……… and I give myself to you and I give myself to you as your husband. as your wife. I promise you my love, I promise you my love, my loyalty, and my trust my loyalty, and my trust for as long as we both shall live. for as long as we both shall live.

The Giving and Receiving of the Rings

I give you this ring, as a sign of all that we have promised and all that we shall share.

The most important thing is to enjoy the day and enjoy all that happens, planned and unplanned.