The Guild

Marchmont St Giles’ is in the happy position of having an active Guild which presents a varied programme of events and speakers during the year. It has regular Morning Coffee which has found a new lease of life from the parents of children attending events in the Church Centre on a Saturday morning. This has a twofold benefit in raising awareness of the Guild Projects which are aimed at helping disadvantaged people around the world and in raising funds for these projects. The Guild is grateful for this support. Follow this link for more information about  The Guild.

We seek to support charities helping others such as Fairtrade, Freshstart, Christian Aid and others through the Guild projects. A link to current Guild projects can be found here.


Guild Meetings  2018 – 2019

Our meetings are open to all, feel free to attend as many as you please.  

Date Time Meeting
September:  11th 7:30pm Welcome Back!
                            25th 7:30pm The Sailors Society
October:       9th 7:30pm Sleep Scotland
                           23rd 7:30pm The Yard
November:  6th 7:30pm Rock Trust – Night Stoppers
                           20th 7:30pm Unexpected journeys [Guild Topic]
December:  3rd 7:30pm Christmas in the air
                           11th 7:30pm Christmas Lunch
January:       15th 2:30pm St Giles  —  Police Station
February:     12th 2:30pm St Giles —  Queensberry House – a living history
March:           12th 7:30pm Malawi Fruits [Project]
                           26th 7:30pm The Costume Society
April:              9th 7:30pm Poppy Factory
                          23rd 7:30pm The Changing Botanics


CONVENER:  Mrs Eileen Dickson, Telephone: 0131 667 2265
SECRETARY: Mrs Muriel Anderson, Telephone: 0131 445 2658