Our History

The church may have a relatively short history as it was formed on 11th June 1972, but its roots go back to the late 1600s. Marchmont St Giles’ was the union of three local churches, West St Giles’, Warrender Church and the Grange Church. The Grange Church began life as the Robertson Memorial Church after local residents met together to consider the formation of a church in the area. It too was originally an iron church before being replaced by the building we stand in today, which was designed by Robert Morham at a cost in excess of £6,000. In 1933 it became known as the Grange Church.

The foundation stone was laid on 28th May 1870 by Lord Stair, Lord High Commissioner that year, and the inaugural services were held on 1st October 1871. The building is described as “Economical Gothic on an open site. Spindly spire, gableted and pinnacled, with clock faces over wide belfry arches; porch in its base with touches of pink stone and flanking stair halls. Broad wagon-roofed interior on iron-framed timber arches; arched transepts and splayed apse”.

Timeline from 1689 to 2006