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Since the construction of our church centre over ten years ago we have provided a local amenity which is used by a wide range of groups every day of the week, to the extent that the usage is beyond our most wildest thoughts way back in the early planning stage.  We have now lodged plans to complete our task in shaping Marchmont St Giles’ as an inclusive, flexible, welcoming place fit to meet the demands of the 21st century.

Our plans include altering the church to provide a lighter brighter, more inclusive,  flexible space on one level,  constructing a new hall space to provide more capacity to meet the community’s needs and we will upgrade our heating system to be more efficient, greener and more cost effective and a number of other tasks to enhance the Centre.

One of the key elements of the project will be to replace the main door to the centre which many find too heavy, a replacement will also have the benefit of improving the heating efficency of the centre.  We have applied to the Aviva Community Fund – for financial assistance.  Please follow the link and vote for our application, voting closes on

For a graphic representation of our plans click Centre Plans

To achieve this goal requires a considerable amount of funding which we aim to raise from three sources – drawing down from our own resources, donations from supporters and application to fund givers.  To achieve the latter we have engaged the services of a Fundraiser who will assist us in targeting suitable donors.

Donations are invited towards the project via our fundraising page (Link Here soon), this offers an easy tax efficient process if you are a tax payer – we can reclaim tax if you tick the GiftAid box.


Please come along to Marchmont St Giles’Church Centre

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