Community Choir

Proposed Marchmont Community Choir

Robert Parsons, Organist at Marchmont St Giles’, is keen to establish an ancillary choir or members of the wider community, who may not wish to come and sing at the Sunday service, but would like to have the opportunity to sing in a choir of a more general type, which works towards periodical concerts or shows. The preference would be to tackle music of a relatively sophisticated and non-trivial nature, but not restricted to any particular period or style.

Entrance to such a choir would be more a question of enthusiasm, and the willingness to attend regularly and to put in some individual practice between rehearsals; rather than extensive prior experience or great musical proficiency. Obviously such a choir would benefit enormously from having a number of members that do have previous experience and or an ability to read music. The hope would be that the choir would equally offer singing opportunities to those who have never or rarely sung in a choir before, and have little or no experience of reading music.

Some form of subscription would be needed to support such a choir, along with gathering a sufficient critical mass of members. But hopefully, given sufficient numbers, the cost of membership could be kept to a minimum and would be determined by the membership at its initial constitutive meetings.

Anyone interested in joining/forming a Marchmont Community Choir should contact Robert Parsons either directly by telephone on 0131 557 1257 or 07766 491402; or by email to or by leaving a note or message at the church office (0131 447 4359).


Robert Parsons, the Organist, would also love to hear from instrumentalists wishing to contribute to the Marchmont musical scene in any way that occurs to them.

Suggestions and initiatives welcomed.

Indeed, any ideas anyone may have about enhancing the musical life in and around Marchmont, by making use of the resources available at Marchmont St Giles’ would be most gratefully received.