Church Centre

Why use our facilities?

Marchmont St Giles’  Church Centre is a versatile venue with rooms and spaces that are used by a wide range of groups for a variety of purposes.  The intention and driving force behind the Centre is to offer accommodation to community-based groups and those working with local residents to enhance the daily lives of those in our community.

Groups that make regular use of our facilities include; health support groups; a youth group; dance schools; fitness groups; language classes and an NHS well-baby clinic.

If you are looking for a venue for your group or organisation and think that we may be suitable, please contact us. We can accommodate both regular rentals and occasional one-off bookings.


A short history

The Church Centre which replaced a well used and loved ‘Portacabin’ unit was opened in September 2006 by the Very Reverend Dr Alan McDonald, when Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland. He was assisted in this task by Miss Anna Nimmo, Mrs Leitch and Miss Ghillies representing the congregation as the youngest and oldest members of our Church family.

The Centre was designed by LDN and was constructed by Peter Moran and Co.  Work began on the centre in mid-September 2005 when the unit was demolished having retired in glory after some 30 years service as a ‘temporary’ structure. In July 2005 the church halls had been used to provide a ‘comfort stop’ for many of the supporters of Make Poverty History. Coaches lined both sides of Marchmont Road and Grange Road and many of their passengers found their way to Marchmont St Giles’ for a restorative Bacon Roll and cuppa and other needs prior to the march, which saw 250,000 people from all over the UK urge the world leaders assembled in Scotland for the G8 meeting to do all in their power to reduce or eradicate world poverty.

Construction continued through the snows of winter and the days of spring and summer, a feat achieved within the programme schedule and importantly within the budget. The accommodation provided by this project, which was paid for by the congregation and various fundraising activities over the preceding years, has enabled the church to become a focal point in the community, playing host to a wide range of groups and activities.